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Elks Lodge 1999 Calendar 
to Your Calendar

This is a Google calendar, so you will need a Google account.  This doesn't mean you need a gmail email, but create a Google login if you don't already have one.  This will allow you to connect the google calendar to your phone or computer and see it along side all your other calendars!

Click the +Google in the bottom right.

gcal click here.jpg

Next, you should be prompted to ADD THE CALENDAR.


That's it!
Most of the time.....

For some reason, some people calendars won't sync properly between various computers or devices.  There is a HIDDEN WINDOW that allows you to verify which calendars you wish to have synced between all your devices.  You need to go to you SYNC SETTINGS.
I would encourage you to go to you Sync Settings and click on all calendars you want to sync across devices (phone, computer, etc) and click save to update proactively.  It takes 2 seconds and saves you immense frustration!

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