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Your Photographs Are Ready!

Below are the photos taken by our volunteer photographer at the 2023 Inaugural Ball Photos.  You will notice that there are multiple versions of a single photo.  This is the beauty of digital.  We are not offering prints, but instead offering the digital  file of the photo.  You can then print it wherever you want as often as you wish.  
#1:  $10 for ONE IMAGE 
#2:  $25 for ALL Variations, up to 2 poses that yo
u are in.
#3:  $30  for ALL Variations or ALL images you are in .

To order, CLICK HERE.  You will need the file name (seen below your photo - you don't need to include jpg) of any images you wish you purchase. When you get to check out, you will need to list the images you want to have sent to you.
REMINDER: These are all professional images by AJT Photography copyrighted.  To download, take screenshots or use this images in any way without paying for them is not permitted.  Remember that they donated their time.  Please be ethical and do not abuse the fact that we've given full access to preview the images.  

© Copyright
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