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Annual Car Show - July 16th, 2022

This year’s car show started with the theme of “Cruise-in with a Vision” and again this year, all proceeds benefitted the Oregon Elks Children’s Eye Clinic. As always, we Elks banded together to once again make this a memorable event for those who attended and epitomize what it is to be the benevolent order we are. This year we were able to raise enough money to be able to make a substantial contribution and we all had a great time creating this year’s show. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

There was a core group of people who once again rose to the occasion and several new members who were invaluable in turning this into a fun and rewarding event. I would like to thank Jeff Kemp and Buck Yarbor for all their help and support. Gordon Thistle, Lowell Bauer and John Seeley for covering the logistics and thank you to Matt Holmes, David McDaniel, Sundee Hamrick and Kay Rogers for all you accomplished. To the rest of you who volunteered, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. This is why we’re Elks! Fraternally, Ron Summers - Car Show Chair & Esteemed Loyal Knight

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